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Petites ailes d'ange artisanales - Coeur - 15cm

Code. produit: AWL-05
These pretty angel wings make a lovely gift or home decoration, looking pretty hanging on a wall or door or even propped up on a shelf. Decorates a table beautifully instead of a Christmas cracker. Ideal for Christening or new baby gift.
At the back they are painted with blackboard paint so your customers can use chalks to write lovely messages on.
Pays d'origine Indonesia
Poids 0.06Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0.06Kg
Dimensions 1.5x7x18 (cm), 0.189L, 0.317Kg/L
Matériaux/Ingrédients White Washed Albesia Wood
Code barre 5055796570591
Code barre